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C142w Cera

C142wp Cera (pink)


Ladies silver-plated crystal accent watch


C142w: Rectangular shape 1" x 1¼" with 12 crystal accents each side of the face. Japanese quartz movement; nickle-free, dust protected case with a stainless steel back. Claddagh design etched in silver on the dial and finished with a black or green congo lizard leather strap.

C142wp: Ditto but pink mother of pearl dial and pink lizard leather strap


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Cera pink $70500Cera with balak or green strap $75.00

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One of the wives of Nemed the leader of the Nemedians, the third mythic invaders of early Ireland. They built two great fortresses at Armagh and Antrim, defeated the monstrous and fearful Formorians in three battles, cleared twelve plains and formed four lakes.


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