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Mens, gold-plated case, dustproof construction, 1".(25mm) tank shape, Japanese quartz movement, 3 year battery, stainless steel back. Green leather, lizard pattern band.
From Wales, God of the Sea, Son of the Wave. The son of Gwydion, Prince of the Powers of Air, and Arianrhod, Magician goddess of the Moon. His symbol was a silver fish.

Design: Key pattern
One of the most simple and natural decorative forms, found from early times in most art disciplines and on all continents.
Egypt; 4th Dynasty tombs, America; early Peruvian textiles. Architecture in Mayan and Aztec cultures and pottery among American Indians. China and Japan; textiles and architecture. Most important was the Greek use for pottery and architectural decoration (also known as Greek Fret). Seen too in Byzantine and Romanesque works.

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