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Lacha Claddagh

Lacha Claddagh

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Ladies gold and silver-plated bracelet watch. Two toned - shiny and matt. Japanese quartz calendar movement. Case diameter 1" (25mm). Dustproof construction. Nickle free. Stainless steel back Dial: matt white background with embossed Claddagh symbol and luminous hour markers


Dub Lacha, beautiful daughter of Fiachna mac Baetain and wife of Mongan, was celebrated for her white arms. Brandub, King of Leinster coveted her and tricked Mongan into giving his wife to him. Mongan, however, a son of the Manx god Manannan mac Lir, got the help of the hag Cuimne and recovered her. Cuimne transformed herself into a beautiful woman and offered herself to Brandub in exchange; once Dub Lacha was free, Cuimne reverted to her former self.

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