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Ladies: Antique silver plated, quartz movement, dustproof crown, stainless steel back.
The Celtic knotwork pattern has a single line running throughout the whole design. This symbolises the golden thread of life that links man, earth and gods. The interlacing mirrors the winding path of life.
 Irish Celtic goddess of war. She formed part of a trinity of goddesses with Macha and the Morrigan. She often took the form of a crow or raven during war, when she was known as Badb Catha, 'battle raven'. She took part in battles, influencing their outcome, and led the Tuatha de Danaan to victory over the Fomore at the mythical battle of Magh Tuireadh (Moytura). The myth also connects Babh with the battle of Clontarf in 1014, when the High King Brian defeated the Viking invaders and Badh was said to have appeared over the warriors' heads.



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