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Mens, gold-plated case, dustproof construction, diam. 1.25ins. (33mm), Japanese quartz movement, 3 year battery, stainless steel back, champagne etched dial, black braided leather band.
This design is one of the simplest of the Celtic religious symbols. It represents the 5 elements of which all life consists. The quadrants represent earth, fire, air and water. The fifth element is spirit and is shown by the intermingling knot that joins all four elements harmoniously into one. The whole design is a single line throughout, symbolising the golden thread of life that links man, earth and the gods.

About TristanĀ 

Nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, Tristan was one of the great lovers in Celtic mythology. He was escorting Isolde to Cornwall to marry the King, when they accidentally drank a love portion prepared by Isolde's mother, the Irish queen. They fell desperately in love. In the end they agreed to separate and Tristan went to Brittany where later he was seriously wounded. He sent for help from Isolde, who had cured him once before, of a wound. She sailed for Brittany with the magic potion, however a mix-up in the signals from the ship led Tristan to believe that she was not aboard and he lost the will to live and died of his wound. When Isolde was told of her lover's death she died of a broken heart.

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