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Ladies: silver-plated, Case diameter 1". (25mm), quartz movement, dustproof crown, stainless steel back. Antique silver look.

Lagore dial
This ancient Celtic spiral pattern was found on an enamelled bronze disc from the 8th century, in Lagore, Co.Meath. Ireland. The Celtic triskel of a trifold of spirals coming from a central point, represents the Celtic theme of birth, death and rebirth as a cycle in the eternal circle of life.



An early sun goddess of ancient Ireland. Midir's first wife was jealous of Etain and by a druid's spell, had her reborn as a mortal, the daughter of the Ulster warrior Etar. To make it difficult for Midir to find her, Etain was turned into a pool of water, then a worm and finally a fly. When Etar's wife accidentally swallowed the fly she became pregnant with Etain. She was loved by the High King Eochaidh until Midir found her, awakened her memories, and then won her back in a game of chess against the High King. Etain lived again with Midir for some time but decided in the end to return to Tara and finish her mortal life as Eochaidh's queen


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