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Ladies: silver-plated, Case diameter 1". (25mm), quartz movement, dustproof crown, stainless steel back. Antique silver look.

This is one of the earliest basic Celtic triskel designs
Wife of Manannan Mac Lir, god of the sea. Fand's maidens appeared to Cuchulainn in a vision, beating him with rods, which left him sore for a year. Having gained his attention they explained to him that the godess Fand needed his help to fight the Formorii. He came to her island, defeated her enemies and stayed there for a month as her lover. But Cuhulainn's wife Emer, found out about this and sent fifty of her maidens armed with sharp knives to kill Fand. After a confused argument between Fand, Emer, Cuchulainn and Manannan Mac Lir who had also heard of the trouble, Fand agreed to go back to her husband. Manannon Mac Lir shook his magic cloak between Fand and Cuhulainn so that they would never see each other again, and the druids gave them both drinks of forgetfulness.

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