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Gold-plated case, diam: 1¼" (32mm). Japanese quartz movement, dustproof construction stainless steel back, 3 year battery, Black leather and embroidered fabric band.

Foster brother of the Ulster hero Cuchulainn. They swore as children that if either was killed the other would avenge him. When Queen Madb of Connacht invaded Ulster, Cuchulainn faced her army single-handed but he was doomed because he had offended the war goddess Morrigan. After Cuchulainn was killed and his head and sword hand cut off, the warriors of Ulster were stirred by Conall to wreak bloody revenge. He caught up with Mabh's army and slew those that had killed his foster brother. Later, he went on to ravish the whole of Ireland as he punished Mabh's allies, one by one.


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