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About Us

April 2020 - we have retired and closed the shop. 

To our many customers over the years - many thanks

Mo & Les 

Rovada Watch Company Limited.

Rovada Watch are the largest manufacturers of Claddagh and Celtic watches in the world. Founded in 1957 and still at the same location; the River Liffey overlooking the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin, Ireland.

Mo and Les Handelman, the current owners, are the third generation of watchmakers in Rovada. In 1988 the first 'Claddagh' watch was produced and the first 'Celtic' watch was created in 1990. There are over 100 models in the collection today.

Each watch is unique, based on the beautiful illustrations in Celtic and Irish mythologies, they are designed and assembled with individual care and attention, at the factory in Dublin. The range reflects Ireland's rich heritage and are suitable as gifts for every occasion.