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Angus Og

Angus Og

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Men's gold-plated case, dustproof & 3 Atm construction, diam. 1.25ins. (33mm), Japanese quartz movement, 3 year battery and stainless steel back. Gilt plated expanding band

Triskel: also known as 'Trinity' or Love Knot'
The Triskel design on the dial is one of the basic Celtic designs. The circles represent the three domains of ancient Celtic belief: the underworld for the past, the earth world for the present, and the sky world for the divine

Angus Og

The son of the Dagda and Boann of the mystical invaders, Tuatha De Danann. His palace is believed to be at New Grange. He is the love god of the Irish Celts, and is associated with youth, beauty, music and poetry. It is believed that he would restore to life those who gave their last breath for the cause of love.

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