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The Hand Signifies Friendship,
The Crown Loyalty, And the Hea
rt Love.

Ladies, polished gold-plated bracelet, nickle free. French quartz movement, dustproof construction, 2 year battery, self-adjustable, stainless steel back.
Stone set at 12 on a champagne dial - diam 1/2" - 13mm.
Claddagh motif embossed on each side of the case
Nestled amidst the green rolling hills ringing Galway, lies the ancient village of Claddagh. It was here in 1690  that Richard Joyce designed the first Claddagh ring.
A heart for love, two hands for friendship and a crown for loyalty, the Claddagh ring became a popular symbol for weddings and engagements in the village.
Nowadays, the Claddagh design is recognized around the world as a token of abiding and everlasting love between two people.

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