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Gold-plated man's case, diam.1.25" (33mm),
dustproof, Japanese quartz movement, 3 year battery,
stainless steel back, Green lizard finish leather band.
A deity associated in Celtic times with spas, the sun and fires.
Also both healing thermal and mineral springs.
He was equated with the Roman god Apollo

4 Provinces of Ireland
Ireland has historically been divided into five provinces,
Meath (now incorporated into Leinster) being the fifth.

Connacht in the west is the kingdom of learning, the seat of the greatest and wisest druids and magicians; the men of Connacht are famed for their eloquence, their handsomeness and their ability to pronounce true judgement.

Ulster in the north is the seat of battle valour, of haughtiness, strife, boasting; the men of Ulster are the fiercest warriors of all Ireland, and the queens and goddesses of Ulster are associated with battle and death.

Leinster, the eastern kingdom, is the seat of prosperity, hospitality, the importing of rich foreign wares like silk or wine; the men of Leinster are noble in speech and their women are exceptionally beautiful.

Munster in the south is the kingdom of music and the arts, of harpers, of skilled ficheall players and of skilled horsemen. The fairs of Munster were the greatest in all Ireland.

The last kingdom, Meath, is the kingdom of Kingship, of stewardship, of bounty in government; in Meath lies the Hill of Tara, the traditional seat of the High King of Ireland. The ancient earthwork of Tara is called Rath na Ríthe ('Ringfort of the Kings').

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